Gain in-demand skills and work experience

Sqillful combines learning with short-term work experiences

Our user-friendly platform makes it extremely easy for students and companies to collaborate on projects effectively

Intern remotely with real-life companies!



Student Apprentice

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Industry-approved Courses in Tech Sales for proven success 

Build and #UpSqill your employer network

Access Employer projects via Work-Integrated Learning

Get regular mentorship by Industry-professionals

The UpSqilling Program will get you job-ready within weeks for internships/Co-ops or full-time/part-time positions

By offering training, mentorship, and short-term remote internship, Sqillful helps students get job-ready.

How is it done?

Step 1: Post a challenge/project

Step 3: Students complete the training before participating

Step 2: We help you curate your exclusive course bundle for student training

Step 4: Receive the completed projects and provide feedback


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Company Mentorship

Get Certified mentorship and training (complete in your own time)! 

Get Paid and Certified to complete 80-hour employer projects!

Short-term commitment for 2-8 weeks!

Work with students on your projects for free!

Mentor for just an hour per week!

Discover, attract, and recruit talent with no costs or risks!

Grow your business and team!

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Step 5: Interview the students if you like their work

Why read resumes when you can see student work quality, train, and recruit at the same time?

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